Security Cameras

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are surveillance cameras are generally ceiling mounted or wall mounted and can easily be overlooked or mistaken for motion sensors or light fixtures. They have a full 360 degrees of movement and can point in any direction.

Bullet Cameras

The name “bullet” camera describes how this type of particular video camera looks like. That is, it looks similar to the shape and form of a typical bullet that is used with a gun or rifle. Most bullet cameras are small, compact, and discreet. On the other hand, there are some long range bullet cameras which are of course bigger in size. Bullet cameras provide excellent picture quality and video recording.

Body Cameras

Body worn hidden cameras are perfect for on-the-go recording without raising any suspicion. Simply put on the camera and you’re ready to record

Power Supply

With any security system or device you will need an ample power supply to make sure you system is running properly3. Some are wired directly into the buildings power via power outlet, some use batteries or a combination of both.

Digital Video Recording

A digital video recording device is a device that is connected to an access control or building security surveillance system. It can record video data in real time and can also be used to play back any footage that needs to be analyzed.

Remote Access

Remote access is a process of being able to monitor the security system or access control system from a remote location.